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Stop Playing Safe

Think about that for a minute….Done? Good.

Similarly it would be very awkward to find a car “sailing” on water, unless of course it is one of those modified ones that are accustomed to being on both water and land - the ones we see on movies and sci-fi channels. 

Same case applies to a ship on the road. I mean, how would that even work? It wouldn’t even move an inch on the road without grazing some important parts, but place it in the sea and it preens like a peacock.

Here’s the real kicker; there are so many people living the life of a car while in reality they are ships! They play it safe by not going into “sea”, yet unknowingly, they are damaging themselves by playing it safe.

Yes. When you are in the wrong place, pursuing the wrong dreams, you are hurting yourself more than you are protecting yourself.

There’s this famous nautical saying by Grace Hopper that, "A ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for”.

Similarly, you playing it safe and being afraid of following through with the purpose you were called for just because it is too big and intimidating only undermines your true potential. It breaks you and hampers your personal growth.

So as we officially start the working week, think about where you are today; are you docked by the shores of life in fear, or are you confidently sailing your ship in the vast waters of life, steadily enjoying the waves of opportunity that constantly lap around the ship?

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