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  • Sat, 17th Jun 2017
    Many young people ignore this but the greatest gift your parents can ever give you (besides bringing you to this world and taking care of you) is a good education. Or should I call it an investment? Education is the foundation of all your future success. Now you might have read that and now you are wondering how you'll ever use stuff like algebra or calculus in your life. Well, you never know... [Continue reading]
  • Mon, 13th Jun 2016
    A few years ago, I had an experience with my two older children that left me somewhat puzzled. You see, they were in one of these international schools in Dar Es Salaam that offer great opportunities for children. However, they were not performing to the “standards” set by the said school, not because they were dumb, but because among other reasons, they had just come from a different school that... [Continue reading]
  • Wed, 12th Dec 2012
    Finally it is December, and the examination marathon in the region finally comes to an end. It started in October for Tanzania Secondary school then later primary schools and finally in Kenya the same happened. Since October, there has been lots of drama with some student giving birth in class and another having no choice but to do the exam in a hospital bed, while under the surveillance of... [Continue reading]