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The Psychology of Selling - Brian Tracy

A few years ago I was asked to put everything I know about sales and selling into an easy to use program that anyone, even you could use to sell more now and double or even triple your income in the shortest time possible.

Here's what I came up with.

I put on a full day presentation for a group of successful salespeople and had them record it. Every word of my presentation was recorded.

But I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss a thing so I also had it transcribed. You won’t miss a single actionable point with your tag-along workbook.

It's called "The Psychology of Selling" and is set to reveal how you can double your sales and your income…faster.

Since creating this program it’s been road-tested by hundreds of top companies and thousands of salespeople worldwide.

Okay Brian, what’s in it for me?

Here’s a small sampling of what you’ll discover in the Psychology of Selling:

“I first started listening to Brian Tracy's CD series during my first sales job in college. The material was and still is first rate and it served as the foundation for my selling skills. Over the years I have turned to Brian's programs whenever I wanted to learn and apply something new. Whether you are listening to Brian speak live, enjoying one of his recorded programs or sharing a meal with him, you feel a genuine care and concern for your personal development.”

—Brandon Green

  • How to win your inner sales game—when your game is on you can't lose
  • The 3 essential qualities of all great salespeople—develop these to be a winner
  • Why you are always self-employed no matter who you work for—you must understand this to succeed
  • 3 Selling Secrets vital to your success—don't leave home without them
  • How to use Maslow's Hierarchy to win big-time—it's simple and hardly anyone uses it
  • Why people really buy—no, it's not because they can't live without your product or service
  • Discover your prospects deepest buying emotions—listen and they will tell you
  • How to become their favorite DJ on their favorite radio station WIIFM—do this and they will line up to buy from you
  • The Flowering Cherry Tree Secret to making more sales—this is so effective you'll slap yourself for not using it before
  • Discover the Secret of the Corning Safety-Glass technique—this is responsible for quadrupling sales
  • How to start with a great opening—miss this and you'll kill your chances of success
  • Why you should never, ever send info through the mail—it's not what you think
  • Learn simple, effective closing techniques used by only the best salespeople—this alone is worth more than your investment in the program
  • How to unfold your prospect's buying resistance—you must do this if you want to close more sales
  • The 5 most common types of prospects—knowing this will make your job so much easier
  • How to enter your client's comfort zone—do this or you'll sink and drown
  • How to confront your deepest fears about selling—hey we're all scared before we make our presentations, now you'll see how silly this is
  • Discover the character types that make selling easy—only sell to people who want to buy
  • How to separate selling fantasy from reality—eliminate the B.S. beliefs many salespeople live by—they will choke the life out of your sales career
  • The Porcupine close—use this to get to the real objection—it's a beauty
  • Use the Instant Reverse close—works just about every time—you can even use it on your kids
  • How to use the Law of 6—your prospect will find it almost impossible to say no to you
  • 7 Price Point objections you must know—avoid disappointment caused by price resistance
  • What Ben Franklin can teach you about sales—good old Ben had a few secrets up his sleeve you should definitely know

But I'm only getting started.

By Brian Tracy.



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