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  • Thu, 8th Aug 2013
    The first thing I noticed when I first landed in this country almost a decade ago is the richness in culture. Starting from the greetings, to the way children behave when in the presence of grownups, to the music, to the dresses made from Khangas and vitenges, etc. I found this place quite different from my homeland where culture is saved for events like the various community-based cultural... [Continue reading]
  • Sun, 4th Aug 2013
    Yesterday I did something I haven’t done in almost six months; going to my usual saloon to have my hair braided. One of the reasons why I haven’t done this for such a long time is because it takes a lot of time, a resource I seem not to be having a lot of lately. The other reason is because it makes my behind ache seriously… not that I lack natural cushioning, but sitting down for not less than... [Continue reading]
  • Wed, 31st Jul 2013
    Many of the mornings when I leave home after 7am there is this group of young men who are always lazing around the neighborhood’s “jobless corner”, commonly known as "Kijiweni". When you look at them, it seems like they really have nothing better to do with their lives. Every time I see them "wako juu ya story" meaning they are totally engrossed in the stories and conversations they always... [Continue reading]
  • Thu, 25th Jul 2013
    The other day a former colleague contacted me telling me he was looking for a job. Considering it has been a long time since we communicated, I was instantly concerned thinking he had lost his good paying job for some reason. Having made that assumption, I opted to ask him what had happened to his job, to which he clarified that he was still working at the same place he'd been for some years now... [Continue reading]
  • Wed, 17th Jul 2013
    I have to admit that God is very patient. I'm not saying this because today is Sunday and my pastor maybe reading this paper, but I say this because I think human beings are very complex beings; hard to please, impossible to understand and sometimes ridiculously inhuman! But despite all these weaknesses (and more) He still loves us unconditionally, gives us opportunities daily to change our ways... [Continue reading]
  • Wed, 10th Jul 2013
    Do you ever go through some days that make you wonder who had conspired with who to drive you insane? Well, that's the kind of day I had on Friday 5th July, 2013. To start with, I woke up to realize that none of my phones were working; sim cards weren't registering to their respective networks. Why all the lines? I'm still trying to figure that out but just in case you get an answer before I do... [Continue reading]
  • Wed, 3rd Jul 2013
    There is this Technology handle I follow on Twitter called @TechwalkTz, and its subsequent Facebook Fanpage also called Tech Walk. Whoever is behind Tech Walk has really made it easy for us to follow up on what’s going on in the Tech world, without really having to scout the whole Internet for Tech-relevant content. In addition to the content posted on Tech Walk, be it on Twitter or Facebook,... [Continue reading]
  • Tue, 25th Jun 2013
    For the past two weeks I’ve been suffering some serious migraine attacks, and even though I have been taking anti-migraines, they seemed not to want to work. It is for this reason I found myself at home for the better part of the week, nursing my head. I’d like to think we live in a very quiet neighborhood in the sense that during the day, unless its dogs barking or birds chirping or cows mowing... [Continue reading]
  • Thu, 20th Jun 2013
    There are some days when I just don’t feel like leaving my bed, not because I’m so sleepy, but simply because the prospect of dealing with the same people, the same situations, the same attitudes over and over again kills my mojo. I don’t know when or how but majority of the people I come across on a daily basis have such a twisted perspective of how things should be that it is unbelievably... [Continue reading]
  • Wed, 12th Jun 2013
    It’s the first Monday of June 2013, and I’ve just arrived at the office after spending a great deal of my morning in traffic caused by drivers who seem to have taken e-driving lessons (probably via Google). As if the traffic is not enough to drive me insane, I have to go to the Airport to deliver a parcel that I couldn’t deliver to the Airline’s town office on time due to the same traffic I’m... [Continue reading]
  • Wed, 5th Jun 2013
    It is official: Thursdays have become my “lesson-learning-days”. It seems that every Thursday something happens to me that touches me so deeply that I find myself compelled to share the experience with my readers. This last Thursday I was alone in the office over lunchtime, when a stranger walked in. On asking him how I could help him, he told me he wanted to take a few minutes of my time to... [Continue reading]
  • Tue, 28th May 2013
    There is no end to learning. Every day provides a new opportunity to learn something new, an opportunity to do something different, an opportunity to upgrade your mindset, an opportunity to refresh your thinking, an opportunity to use the unused part of your brain. Yes! Believe it or not, no matter how much you feel like your brain/mind/head is full, you can never use up your brain completely. In... [Continue reading]
  • Wed, 22nd May 2013
    It's the rainy season in the region and as we all know, rain stirs lots of trouble for humanity. For instance, in some places thieves take advantage of night rains to break into people's homes because they are assured of two things; first, they know it's very unlikely that anyone will hear them and second, the possibilities of TANESCO misbehaving when it rains are very high. Besides, how many... [Continue reading]
  • Wed, 15th May 2013
    On Saturday the 27th April, 2013 will be a day never to be forgotten by many who knew the now Late Senator Mutula Kalonzo of Mbooni Constituency, Makueni County in Kenya. I remember I was at the office putting together some documents I needed for an event we were organizing, when I had this sudden impulse to switch on the TV just to see what was going on in the world. As soon as it was on, the... [Continue reading]
  • Tue, 7th May 2013
    Every week that passes I try to look back to see what improvements I made to my life (if any), either directly or indirectly. This past week I can easily say that the one great thing I did for myself was to make up my mind to change my general outlook of life (not an easy thing to do though). This came about after attending the 1st Marketer’s Night this year held on 25th April, 2013. If you... [Continue reading]
  • Mon, 29th Apr 2013
    You may have read this story before like I have, but for some reason today it really touched me. Hope it has the same effect on you. Her name was Mrs. Thompson. As she stood in front of her 5th grade class on the very first day of school, she told the children a lie. Like most teachers, she looked at her students and said that she loved them all the same. But that was impossible, because there in... [Continue reading]
  • Tue, 23rd Apr 2013
    Sometimes I sit back and wonder how we used to survive without calculators, mobile phones (now upgraded to smartphones), Internet and most importantly, Google! I don’t know how we did it then but if we were taken back to those days, I wonder how many of us would still be sane. We have gotten so much used to letting gadgets “think” for us in the name of working smart that most of us have forgotten... [Continue reading]
  • Sat, 20th Apr 2013
    I used to think I had my stuff together. Then I got married.... Marriage is great, but it literally rocked everything I knew. I quickly realized my basic goal in life, prior to getting married, was to simply remain undisturbed. This “disruption” came suddenly and was disguised as a 5-foot-nothing Swedish-Filipino woman. When I decided I’d rather not live without her, I proceeded to ask her to... [Continue reading]
  • Tue, 16th Apr 2013
    It is interesting how human beings tend to not communicate with certain people until they find themselves caught up in a situation that requires them to “remember” those people arises. I admit, I have done this severally, and even you, if you will be honest with yourself will admit that there are people you have in your phonebook that you haven’t spoken to in years; some you probably can’t even... [Continue reading]
  • Wed, 10th Apr 2013
    It’s hard to believe three are gone and we are onto the forth already. Doesn’t it seem to you like it’s just the other day we were ushering in the New Year? Well, believe it or not, like the corporate world would say, Quarter One of 2013 is gone and we are now seven days into Quarter Two. Even before we go further into this article, I have a probing question for you; did you achieve the short... [Continue reading]
  • Mon, 8th Apr 2013
    Each one of us has a different view of what Easter means to them; for some, it’s the first long weekend after New Year, which automatically brings with it a much needed break from the hassle and bustle of trying to hit targets for Quarter One. For others it’s a nice opportunity for them to enjoy quality time with friends and relatives, while for others, it is a great time to achieve a goal from... [Continue reading]
  • Tue, 19th Mar 2013
    I don’t know about you but for me, whenever I can, I try learning something new every day; at least something that edifies me. As you know, one of the places you can get unrestricted information is obviously the internet, and depending on how knowledgeable (or not) you are, you will be able to decide what is true and what is not from what you find on the internet. Like someone said, not... [Continue reading]
  • Thu, 14th Mar 2013
    Cheating doesn’t mean you have to kiss, meet or have sex with a third party. Once you find yourself deleting texts, whatsapp messages, BBM messages, e-mails, etc so your partner won't accidentally see them, then yes, you are already there. If you choose to send secret flirtatious inbox messages on facebook or DMs on Twitter to your friends, aka partners in flirting,  then you are already cheating... [Continue reading]
  • Tue, 12th Mar 2013
    It's been a week of tension and uncertainty no doubt caused by the elections that have been going on in one of our East African countries, Kenya. As people turned out in large numbers to vote, it was obvious from the small talk being engaged as they queued that memories of the post election violence that happened in 2008 were still fresh in people's minds. You could also tell from the massive... [Continue reading]
  • Tue, 5th Mar 2013
    Can you believe that as you read this article (if you are reading it today, 3rd March, 2013), 62 days are gone? It’s hard to believe two are down and we are already on the third month of 2013. As I always say, I’m grateful to the Almighty God for giving me another chance to see a new day, a new week and in this case, a new month. It is an opportunity for you and I to create a new thing in our... [Continue reading]
  • Thu, 28th Feb 2013
    Haven't read the book but I intend to get an e-copy of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus soon…. All the same, when I look at the title I guess the writer must have been as confused as I am at some of the differences between Men and Women; and I don't just mean the physically visible biological differences. This has led me to thinking back to the time when God was creating the world. Well,... [Continue reading]
  • Mon, 25th Feb 2013
    It’s been a long week and certainly, the weekend could not have come at such an opportune moment. All the same though, the week that has just ended could not have been as crazy as the valentine week was. It was hard to believe the week had exactly seven (7) days just like all the rest. For some reason it felt like that week had longer hours than normal. Well, I guess I will blame this feeling on... [Continue reading]
  • Tue, 19th Feb 2013
    Disclaimer: Not my original work. Morning Sis, My name is RWANDA..Your small bro...This letter is a bit long...but anyway, how are You? Hope you are good...Just like Me... Sis,It's long since we talked but this letter is urgent ! You have to do what I say! Sis, in April 1994, the worst happend to Me. After the death of My President, Juvenal Habyarimana, who was a TUTSI, My people went totally... [Continue reading]
  • Tue, 12th Feb 2013
    Sometimes when I feel somewhat stressed out, I like standing by the roadside to watch cars passing. I know that sounds loony but to be honest, I find it very entertaining for two reasons: one, I get to see new models of cars I haven’t seen before, and two, I get to play a game I call “spot the couple”. I know the first reason is clear enough but for the second reason, I can almost hear you ask, “... [Continue reading]
  • Wed, 6th Feb 2013
    This month could not have started on a better day; on a Friday. I woke up on this day feeling so elated and ready to face the day as well as the shortest month in the calendar. Thank God It's February! Welcome to February, also known as the month of love. The month I celebrate my birthday...(Read my birthday post here)  What I did not know is that this day would prove to be the one day I would be... [Continue reading]