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Smile Often

A smile is a secret weapon that most people don’t realize they can use.

Today I just thought I should share some ten reasons why you should smile often. Here goes:

  1. It is an instant remedy to feeling low; smiling makes you feel good, it makes you feel happier.
  2. Smiling makes you look approachable, even if you are a hard nut to crack. And did you know it makes you look younger?
  3. Smiling gives you confidence, even if you have butterflies flying up and down inside your stomach, almost threatening to escape through your mouth.
  4. Smiling makes you look like a better leader. How? Because when you smile, people feel they can trust you. So leaders out there, if your teams have been avoiding you, if its not sweat that is keeping them away then you need to try smiling more often.
  5. Believe it or not, smiling improves your productivity. You see, when you smile, it means you already have a positive mental attitude; guess what happens when you have a positive attitude …… productivity! 
  6. Smiles are contagious! Tell me the moment you saw this monkey smiling you didn’t feel like smiling too!
  7. Since smiles are contagious, they are a nice ice-breaking tool. Imagine going on a blind-date and you find the other person stone-faced…. how (un)comfortable will you be?
  8. Smiles are magnetic…. you try smiling to some complete stranger today and see what happens.
  9. Here’s another reason why you should smile often; smiles are completely free! And since they are free, you can dish them out for free too.
  10. And my all time favorite is this; a smile is harmless weapon that confuses your enemies and paralyses their plans.…. Plus it is the cheapest way to look beautiful!

Make today as beautiful as you can. Let no one take away your happiness. Smile and laugh at the negativity, around you.

Smile because you can!

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