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Easter is a time of Freedom

Why do we celebrate Easter?

~ Today we are ALIVE because He died and Rose Again.

~ Today our loneliness is gone because He clothed us with His undeserved LOVE for He IS LOVE.
~ Today we are celebrating not His death, but His VICTORIOUS RESURRECTION.
~ Today we can stand strong on His shoulders because on His shoulders we stand tall and ELEVATED.
~ Today we are BLESSED because he took all our curses and replaced them with His immeasurable blessings.
~ Today we are FREE because He took our captivity and gave us His Freedom.
~ Today we are FORGIVEN and SANCTIFIED because He took all our sins and gave us His purity.
~ Today we are healed and completely restored from all our iniquities and diseases because He gave us His Wholeness and took our brokenness.

All these gifts are ours, but the only thing we have to do is accept what He fought so hard to give us, what He has willingly gone out and bought for us; and that is Salvation from everything threatening our lives.

Will you accept that gift freely today?

Happy Easter to you and yours.


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