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Choose Your Battles

Everybody in life is going through some challenge or another. That's a given. But not everybody has the capacity to handle whatever challenge comes their way well. Some become irritable and irrational, treating everyone around them like they are the cause of their challenges, while others hide it so well, you'd think their lives are challenge free. Unfortunately there are also others who are permanently set on "attack mode" to camouflage their insecurities, and guess what, all these people live among us and we have to accommodate and learn to live with them without losing our marbles.

You cannot go a day without an opportunity presenting itself for you to encounter such people. You wake up in the morning and find an upset house help, and you wonder what demons she was fighting with at night for her to have woken up moody and incummunicado. Then you get to the road on your way to work and you encounter a hungry traffic policeman and as you know, a hungry man is an angry man. Speaking of traffic cops, have you paid your last ticket? 

Moving on, then you get to the office late and you meet your boss who slept on the counch because he had a tiff with his wife last night, so you can imagine he is looking for an outlet. Later on you go out to the parking lot only to find a disgrantled parking system attendant who issues you a parking ticket not knowing you don't pay for parking because you work in that building. At lunch time you go to this restaurant and find this lady who just got dumped by her boyfriend and is looking for someone to unleash her wrath on.... I mean, every minute presents a fight waiting to happen.

So what happens when you meet these kinds of people? You become very cautious. Why? Because they will try to create a situation out of a non-situation. Depending on what kind of a person you are, if you are another irrational person then we know either of two destinations are involved; the police station or the hospital. But this is my simple but very sound advice; not everyone or every statement is worth your reaction. Sometimes the best answer is good old silence. After all, can silence be misquoted? Not ever!

Like Mandy Hale of the The Single Woman fame always says, "Pick your battles. You don't have to show up to every argument you are invited to.

Save yourself some heartache and just smile nicely as you say no to such invitations.

Be Ignited. Be Inspired. Be Influenced. Become the best version of yourself you can ever be.


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